The baling of straw by Verschoor:

With regards to the baling of straw Verschoor normally follows this pattern. It starts with making contacts with farmers, leading to contracts for the baling of straw during the harvest period.

During this period the work of Verschoor starts as soon as the wheat, rye, etc. is threshed. From that moment our employees check the moisture of the straw several times per day. When the straw is dry enough a team is sent to the field, including tractors and balers and start to bale.

During the baling the bales are collected at the field with loaders and loaded onto our lorries. They bring the straw to one of our storage location where the straw bales are stored until they are used or sold.

For the baling of the straw Verschoor owns 14 Krone HDP Big Pack balers. Because of these balers and the large capacity which they give, it is possible for us to bale the straw almost directly after the straw is found to be dry enough. Thus the time the straw lies at the land is decreased, which means that the farmer can start plowing and cultivating the land faster.

Also our unique cycle concept means that we can supply organic fertilizers to the farmer in exchange of the straw, which means that they have a concern less to worry about. For ecological farmers this is extra interesting as this guarantees that both the products and straw coming of the land is completely ecological.